The Caddy

Decided to watch one of the oldies today. Managed to find this on the torrents, and downloaded it. Classic Jerry Lewis stuff with a dash of Dean Martin thrown in. 

The story is about a fisherman and the prodigal son of a professional golfer who team up to be a golfer and caddy team. They end up ultimately as a winning combination but in a totally different field altogether. The entire story is just that. Simple and full of antics and funny scenes. The slapstick Jerry is so back in this … Dean Martin has the girls swooning with Amore.
Connoisseurs should love this one. Seemed unfair when I saw that this movie got only a 6.0.

5 thoughts on “The Caddy

  1. Hey pallie Prasad, nice to see this great mention of the Dino and the jer flick, “The Caddy.” Cool to know that a movie like this that is over 50 years old is still bein’ enjoyed all ’round the world….gotta confess that I am more of a Dinofan then of the jer.

  2. Hewy pallie Prasad, right on dude…thanks for the Dinopraise of the ol’ Dinoblog…stop my any ol’ Dinotime and enjoy the Dinodifference with us pallie!

  3. I do really dig this film. I’m a bigger fan of Dean Martin than Jerry Lewis, but they did make some awesome films together. Nice to see someone else who enjoys those great Martin-Lewis classics.

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