Pimp my Laptop!!

First it was Dell, and now Asus!!

Its great to see the era of designer hardware in India. Where users get to sport their identity by the very laptop decoration they use. Gone are the days where executives would sit tinkering on their ugly, grey/black boxes looking so busy and mighty. Nowadays, you see young bachhas in faded jeans and t-shirts carrying lappies of all shapes and sizes, but very few of them would be actually working while waiting at the flight terminal.

Soon, we will see more customer centric models where the customer can completely customize the look of his/her laptop. I can hardly wait for that day!!


4 thoughts on “Pimp my Laptop!!

  1. Before Dell, it was Acer with its Ferrari laptop, which IMHO looks better than both Dell’s and Asus’s babies.

    New template eh? More space-y, more you 😉 But it’s a bit too simplistic, not simple, mind you – simplistic.

  2. Hmm .. yeah!! Ferrari model, but it was too exclusive. The Dell gaming laptop looks pretty decent, and is promising to give much better performance!!

  3. lappies being customized is picking up… also notice how online marketing (with the evolving notebook market)and constant increase in internet users in India is leading to newewr and newer online tools and products being launched.
    Social networking,
    online tools, widgets, websites, banners are all adding on to a changing ecosystem. One where Digital is the Buzz word.

  4. Hey LC!! Yeah .. the online world is slowly increasing its share in the idle time spent by users .. mostly teens and office goers. Wont be a long time before blogs, feeds and other forms of rss take a bigger share than books.. what say?

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