Inferences (and assumptions)

Was going to Mumbai on some weekend (I have been doing that a lot lately πŸ™‚ ), when I noticed a lady surfing orkut on her lenovo laptop using a firefox browser. She obviously was switching between a lot of windows and was also chatting using gtalk. Later, she got bored and took out her blackberry and started playing solitaire on that. Hmmm, I am not a peeping tom, but when I was looking at that scene, it suddenly struck me how much you can find out about someone just by looking at their habits.

  • The lady is a management professional or a management student
  • The laptop is her own (since she uses firefox, which is not the standard corporate browser, sadly, and she can surf orkut)
  • The lady has an orkut account πŸ™‚
  • If she is a student, then most likely she would be studying at ISB
  • If she is a management professional, then she just might be into sales (the blackberry)
  • If she is in sales, then she would most likely be single (assumption)

Yes, I did not have anything else to do. No, I do not ogle at girls.


9 thoughts on “Inferences (and assumptions)

  1. other assumptions…

    1. she could be a core techie, may be a young CTO who understands organization’s firewall and more over, the importance of a proxy server.

    2. she is a consultant with an HR agency, which uses orkut as an advertising medium

    3. She’s a raizz baap ki beti doing her MBA ( could be any of the colleges in bombay)

    4. She could be an employee of google.

    5. since it’s bombay, she could be employed with a media company.

    6. well her single status would be wishful thinking, at least for a bachelor like yours truly πŸ˜‰

    and no, we do not ogle at any of them, we simply google them or make friendship! [;)]
    Just kidding!

    nice post kida!

  2. @bhavesh – its another assumption based on the premise that she might be a mgmt student, and that she has her own personal laptop and is extremely comfortable with it πŸ™‚ … again, being a brand conscious fellow I dared not to think of the other b-schools like IIPM and ICFAI

  3. I dont know y this lady/gurl grabed ur atention at a crowded public place?? another query crops up y anyone intend to know abt a stranger????

  4. @ harshu – oops! an adage comes to mind “curiosity kills the cat” πŸ˜€ :-D, besides anyone who uses firefox deserves attention πŸ˜€

  5. sales?

    have you met real sales people like an earlier version of yours truly? we were the true ragpickers – without even money for the next meal, let alone a blackberry. ac rooms made of glass and theorising about the world outside and all that jazz…

    btw, i met a guy recently who was using a thinkpad, and had all kinds of stickers on the lid – plug, linux, kde, gnome, ubuntu, suse, redhat, codehack, firefox etc… he claims to be a linux user, a mac user and a plug member, BUT on that laptop he was using windoze xp (firefox alright :D).

    I’m using firefox and thunderbird on my company laptop (vista 😦 ), so don’t make that assumption. And I surf orkut (when no one’s looking :D) even though the proxy server blocks it. oh, and if she’s sitting in an airport, she’s definitely using a datacard and not the company LAN, so no proxy server to override, and she can use orkut anyways πŸ˜€

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