Jetpack 3.3: A Single Home for all your WordPress Sites

I wish I could reblog stuff to self-hosted blogs via this reader. Then the reader has the potential to fully replace all other feed readers!

Jetpack for WordPress

With the release of Jetpack 3.3 this week, we bring you a new centralized dashboard from which you can manage all your WordPress sites — both your and your Jetpack-connected sites, regardless of where they’re hosted.

All Your Sites. One Dashboard.

From day one, Jetpack’s mission has been to bring feature parity between WordPress sites hosted on and those hosted elsewhere. With this release, your Jetpack sites appear alongside those hosted on and enjoy the same user interface, management, and posting functionality.

Site Picker
See all your sites on a single page and know at a glance if Jetpack or another plugin requires an update. Search through multiple sites to easily identify the one you’re after.

Simple plugin management
Turn plugins on or off with one click — per site or in bulk.

Initiate plugin updates
Initiate plugin updates for a single site or for all your…

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YouTube For Android Gets Offline Playback… But In India, Indonesia And Philippines Only

Epic work!


Here’s something neat. Google has introduced offline video playback for YouTube mobile users. That’s an exciting feature but there’s bad news for most TechCrunch readers: it’s only available on Android devices in India, Indonesia or the Philippines at this point.

The company said the update will allow “much of [the] popular YouTube content” in these places to be watched without an internet connection.

Videos that support playback will include an offline icon which, once tapped, offers a choice of playback quality. Once cached, each one is available to watch without internet access for up to 48 hours.

youtube offline

Google has specifically picked these three markets because of the importance of mobile internet, coupled with the lack of people with data packages — not to mention the sometimes frustratingly poor quality of internet too.

“Asia has proven itself to be a mobile-first world in terms of smartphone adoption, but access to high-speed, affordable data remains a big challenge…

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The noPhone, Because Smartphone Separation Anxiety Is Real



The other day, as I sat on the couch with a dead iPhone resting on my belly, I found myself wondering why my phone is constantly dead. And I had a revelation: I’d rather have a dead phone within reach than be even a few feet away from it as it charges across the room. It’s pathetic, I know, but absolutely true.

Enter the noPhone.

The noPhone is built specifically to alleviate the anxiety that comes along with not having a phone, and/or work as a substitute for a phone during those moments when you should really be more attentive to what’s happening in your real life.

The noPhone can come with you on a first date so that you can still maintain eye contact and pay attention without having a panic attack. You can also take the noPhone with you when you go camping or hiking, where your…

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Hypnosis can improve Self-Esteem

Hypnotism allows to develop a individual’s self-esteem due to the point that it performs at the subconscious level. This is the aspect where initially the self-depreciating understanding system was developed.

If you have little self-regard, then this can cause you to become disappointed. Individuals struggling with this are failed of their potential and even agree to unwanted conditions and relationships.

Too much self-love, however, results in an off-putting sensation of right and an failure to comprehend from issues. (It can also be a sign of healthcare cockiness.) Perhaps no other self-help topic has created so much assistance and so many (often conflicting) concepts.

The hypnosis continues to be put in a individual’s subconscious and indicates the self-esteem understanding. This allows you better comprehend conditions of the last where and reframe them.

The therapist will usually help one find the primary cause of their negative principles and concepts about yourself. Thus Self-Esteem can be built by Hypnosis.