Outlanderposter The Vikings have a legend amongst them. A story about how an outsider came from another world, and saved their tribes from a terrible monster. This is the basic outlay, multiple movies have been made on this theme, yes. Beowulf (the animated version), The 13th Warrior (Antonio Banderas) and finally Outlander to name a few. Michael Crichton has also penned a book on the same theme. The different thing about Outlander is that it actually managed to plug a few holes in the story and come across as a more coherent legend. Not to mention FX.

Outlander takes us to the past, time of the Vikings when our hero who has come from another world (who surprisingly has the same physiology as us humans, beating the theory of evolution to the ground) and with his ship comes a terrible creature … the Moorwen. The creature in its bloodlust wreaks havoc amongst the hapless Vikings. Its upto Kainan (the hero) to reunite the tribes and forge his modern technology with the Viking weapons to bring the creature down and kill it before it can spawn more of its kind.

I would suggest download the torrent and watch it on your machine rather than spending those hard earned rupees in a theatre. Good movie if you have friends, chips and some ale to give you company.


Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans

Underworld_Rise_of_the_Lycans_poster This week went to the movies with the missus. Fortunately she likes action movies especially ones with magic and the ilk. Rise of Lycans was it. Underworld fans, spoiler alert!!

The movie is actually a prequel to the previous duology of movies. It starts off as the base for the next two movies. The story is about the love between the princess and daughter of the Vampire King Victor and the first of the Lycans (werewolves who can control their abilities). Needless to say Victor does not approve between this unholy alliance and his fury ensues. Battered and loveless, Lucient (the first second generation werewolf) arises from slavedom and starts a rebellion to overthrow the vampires.

Overall, its a good movie with all the familiar faces of the duology back in action. It also tells us small information about some of the characters. Why are they what they are in the next two movies. Pity you dont get to see Kate Beckinsale much in this movie!!

Foo meets Churn

Continued from Foo

Now, the reader must realize that in the realm of IT-Rawksdom, all work was not done by Foo. Rather Foo was an overseer of sorts, the tougher tasks were left to him to handle … like battling huge 3 headed-monsters, and taking on evil marauders and pirates, and preparing the battle stations. The normal day-to-day tasks were left to the programmer peasants, coder common men, the networking nitwits and the sysadmin simpletons. Jobs that involved killing minor code bugs, maintaining the server farms, keeping the networks of the kingdom safe and clean were in Foo’s domain, but not his daily chores.

So, all in all, Foo very much loved and needed his townsfolk for the kingdom to maintain a serene and a peaceful atmosphere. And all was well.

Hark!! What does Foo spy on the hills o’er yonder?!? It seems to be a two headed monster, one head is hungry for the little peasants innocently working in fields, the other has its evil eyes on the treasury of the kingdom … attrition and churn. Foo did what any other superhero had to do, jumped up and rushed to meet the monster headlong in the battle.

What will happen when our hero meets the monster in the battle? Only an appraisal will tell … the market watches.

Travails of Foo: The IT Super hero

I have decided to make a fictional character, called as Foo – The IT Super hero. His abilities and misgivings are yet to be decided. But I think that being super-efficient and super-intelligent, he would also be super-lazy. Suggestions are of course welcome. His weapon would be an unbreakable rod of some unknown alien metal (which of course can do a lot many other awesome cool things!) … and it would be called … wait for it … yes!! … foobar!!

So the life in IT-Rawksdom (the kingdom where Foo lives) seems to go smoothly, everything is on schedule, the resources are showing good utilization, variable pay is coming high and mighty and everyone is happy.

But Lo! and behold!! What do we have here!! The evil multi-headed monster called as Scope change creeps up behind the mighty heroes, and plans to throw the lands of IT-Rawksdom in disarray! The heroes caught unawares feel like helpless maidens frozen in terror of the oncoming assault.

Now is the time to show true valor. To stand together and say up front that no!! The monster should not enter this land, and if it so chooses, then there should not be any violence.

And if there is violence, then do not ask me to fight thy battles! The monster backs down … slowly pacing the entrance of the kingdom … waiting for a chance to strike.

The adventures of the Foo, the IT Super hero will continue.